Welcome to Nunnally Freeman and Owens!

This video will give you a brief introduction to our office.

General Protocols

This video provides an overview of the protocols used in conjunction with various treatments provided in our office.

Mercury Removal

This video provides an overview of our mercury removal protocols. Our office is SMART certified by the IAOMT (Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique)

Cone Beam

This video explains the use and benefits of 3D cone beam imaging in our office.

Periodontal Disease Hygiene

his video discusses periodontal disease, its potential effects on health, and some treatment options offered in our office.

Replacement Options

This video offers an overview of possible options available to replace missing teeth after extractions.


This video provides a brief description of cavitations and our treatment protocols.

Root Canals

This video provides an explanation on the toxicity of root canal treated teeth and treatment options and protocols.

Post-operative Instructions

This video gives post-operative instructions and answers some of the most frequently asked questions following surgery.

Dr. Stuart Nunnally

American Academy of Ozone Therapy

Dr. Stuart Nunnally

Understanding Essential Fats

Dr. Stuart Nunnally

Hydro & Trans Fats

Dr. Stuart Nunnally

Oil Pulling

Dr. Stuart Nunnally


Dr. Stuart Nunnally

Fish Oil

Dr. Stuart Nunnally

Good Fats

Dr. Lane Freeman


Dr. Stuart Nunnally

Blood Sugar: Part 1/3

Dr. Stuart Nunnally

Blood Sugar: Part 2/3

Dr. Stuart Nunnally

Blood Sugar Part 3/3

Dr. Stuart Nunnally

Ozone Therapy

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